Art Terminology Help

Giclèe Print : Giclèe is the phrase used to describe the use of the digital inkjet printing process for producing reproductions of Fine Art and photography. Inkjet is a method of printing whereby the ink in minute droplets ( narrower than a human hair ) is ejected out of the print head onto the paper or canvas at the rate of many thousands of times per second. Due to the tiny particle size used, Giclèe reproductions exceed offset litho prints and screen prints in their ability to reproduce detail and colour. The number of prints is limited to a much smaller amount than a litho.

Lithographic Print ( Signed Limited Edition ) : A Lithographic Print is produced with conventional printing technology using a 4 or 6 colour process. Production runs can be numbered in a limited number between 200 and 850. Each print is signed and numbered by the Artist.

Lithographic Print ( Open ) : As above but the print is not signed by the artist or limited to any number. They can be produced indefinitely.

Tubed : A sturdy tube is used to protect the print in transit with a small nominal charge to cover postage.

Mounted : The term 'mounted' describes a print which is prepared to presentation standard using a mount-board cut to suit a specific image. It only requires thereafter to be framed. This is then posted using a protective cover with a small nominal charge to cover postage.
Only the highest specification materials are used.

Image Size : Sizes are shown as height x width and are approximate to within plus or minus a quarter of an inch.

Framing : We will be glad to quote for any framing requirements as Charles is a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild.

Material & inks : Only the highest quality used.

V.A.T not applicable.

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